The FAFCoffees Agronomy Project was born out of a desire to further improve the quality of the coffees grown by our partners on the Serra do Cigano Mountain.

The producers in the area had many years of experience and were already growing high quality specialty coffees, but they wanted to improve their yields without jeopardizing the gains made in quality over the past 10 years.  

FAF Coffees is concerned about the possible impact their activities could have on the environment and the springs and rivers of their valleys.  They wanted to test new techniques to improve soil quality and plant health while using less chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

FAFCoffees created a voluntary joint-participation project where a professional Agronomer with specific experience in coffee cultivation has been hired to monitor the coffee and give advice on fertilization and disease control.  The Agronomer will take careful consideration of the environmental concerns of FAFCoffees the project participants.

The costs of the project (Consultancy Fees, travel expenses) are shared equally between FAFCoffees and the producers.

The Agronomer visits the farms once a month and delivers written instructions on the recommended procedures to be followed and products that should be applied by the next visit.  Reports on progress since the previous visit are also filed.