Humberto Florezi

Fazenda Santa Maria
Espírito Santo do Pinhal, SP
800/900 MASL

Fazenda Santa Maria is located in Espirito Santo do Pinhal, a town in the Mogiana region.
More than 170ha of the farm's total area of 360ha is dedicated to coffee, cultivated in fertile mountainous terrain. The varieties are Tupi, Obatã, Mundo Novo and Red Catuaí.

Average production is 5.000 bags a season. They produce only organic coffee, cultivated free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

All cherries are handpicked and dried on a 37.000 square feet shaded patio. Coffees are all estate processed by Natural and Pulped Natural systems which makes them full-bodied and naturally sweet.

Also, Santa Maria Farm is certified by Brazilian Institute IBD (Inst. Biodinâmico) to assure the organic features of its coffees, attesting to their commitment to high social and environmental standards.

The farm grows and processes all coffees per organic and biodynamic standards, including soil detoxification, no chemical pesticides or herbicides, the preservation of native species and also commitment to social projects as a way to ensure a better environment and enhance the living standards of workers.

The farm historic tradition goes back almost 50 years. The current farmers have an Italian background and were immigrants who came to the Espirito Santo do Pinhal region looking for better opportunities.

Some of Santa Maria's priorities today includes investments in coffee quality improvement and production expansion.

The farm is constantly renovating its plantations to maintain high yields.
Over 40.000 new coffee trees are currently being planted and a drip irrigation system is being installed.