Sítio Cordilheiras | Iuna, ES
Varieties:  Red and Yellow Catuai, Catucaí
1350/1400 MASL

Iuna is a unique microclimate in Brazil.  It is a lush and green municipality with high humidity all year round. The rains, which are constant, lead to a climate more closely associated with Colombia and parts of Central America. This brings a slightly different taste profile which translates to a rounder and more floral acidity.  This is the second year that we have been working with Rosa and Deneval Miranda but it feels like we have known them forever as their warmth and love of coffee is highly contagious.

Tucked away close to the Pico da Bandeira mountains on the Espirito Santo side of the national park, they truly live in what Rosa oftens claims is paradise.  Abundant beautiful waterfalls bring water that flows through this superb region.  Coffees here are mostly pulped and sometimes fermented in washing tanks, whichreinforces the description of the region as the ‘Colombia of Brazil’.