Fafcoffees is a supplier of the finest Brazilian green coffee

We take great pride in providing a high quality product that takes sustainability seriously both socially and environmentally.

We are also a center for coffee knowledge that counts with a lab on the farm at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza and one in the city of São Paulo. Our aim is to disseminate and spread the culture of Specialty Coffee and sustainable farming throughout Brazil.




In 2005 FAF Coffees was started when Felipe Croce, Silvia and Marcos’s son, an accomplished international specialty coffee expert and judge, joined the group to form a green coffee trading company.   Their mission is to promote Total Quality and find other farmers with the same desire to sell better coffee around the world sustainably.

What is Total Quality?

 “For me this is found at the intersection of sensorial quality with holistic sustainable practices that ensures quality of life for all involved” says Felipe Croce, “coffee quality comes first and it is what gets you in the door.” 

“But this must be followed up with more farms switching to organic or more sustainable alternatives.  Planting new varieties, improving processing and producing better tasting coffee.  Building a new generation with a bright future” he added.

Our farmers have gone from being embarrassed of where they live to being extremely proud. Their financials have improved immensely as have their coffee fields, their living standards and equipment. Many have eradicated soft drinks and sugary foods and started their own organic gardens. 

They have gone from not knowing what their product tastes like because they over-roasted their worst beans and drank them with sugar and milk to now roasting their best beans perfectly and brewing them expertly. They are now becoming artisans and crafting their coffee as opposed to following commodity formulas.
We belive in running a successful business while doing the ‘right thing’. We belive in serving as examples and inspiring the creation of a sustainable and more humane economy. 

Today FAF Coffees is an internationally recognized purveyor of Specialty Coffees and exports all over the world, including Australia.  Our studio and coffee lab is based in São Paulo, Brazil, and our green coffee processing and export facilities are located at FAF in Mococa.